tripleF*** – short impressions of our documentary material

The spirit of a movement that sometimes reminds us of our young revolutionary cosmopolitan self, who still believed that he/she could change the world.

Global climate activism has again raised awareness of the urgent need for climate protection.
In order to achieve a turnaround in climate policy, everyone has to contribute in their own way. But often we feel powerless. This applies not only to nature conservation, but also to racism and violence. To make these issues manageable, a healthy, colourful culture and society behind them is needed.
This film will inform us and show ways of dealing proactively. Within, we dare to take a more holistic view of the issue of climate crisis. Not only young and old activists will have their say, but also scientists and indigenous people who fought for a longtime and sometimes paid a high price.
We need an individual and social reappraisal of the current situation and a bridge across the gap between generations, individual impacts, political impotence and social fears. But above all we will need wisdom and peace and understanding and humanity.

It is not about just one person but about many who stand up. TripleF*** was filmed on six continents (North – and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Antarctica) and with cooperating film teams on site, in order to work out a part of the global situation and find answers to the most urgent question: What needs to be done, by whom, and how can we do it?

In its core spirit of a holistic approach, the project is designed similarly to its topic of the climate activism movement: independent, global, green.
Not one air mile was flown, one-way material was avoided and the global film team worked together in full respect, artistic freedom and passion

The film is intended for everyone, to be shown at schools, universities, festivals and cinemas. The wider the audience, the more understanding for each other, the more dialogue and inspiration, awareness and ideas for one’s own sphere of influence.
The global film team started working in September 2019, last filming days were in January 2020.

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