Trailer tripleF*** – green and global 5-part miniseries on climate activism

The spirit of a movement that sometimes reminds us of our young revolutionary cosmopolitan self, who still believed that he:she could change the world.

It is not about just one person but about many who stand up.
Green filmed documentary miniseries tripleF*** contains material from six continents (North – and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Antarctica), operating with film teams on site, in order to work out a part of the global situation and find answers to the most urgent questions: What needs to be done, by whom, and how can we do it?

Our green guidelines:
* No flying just for filming, no one-way material, no useless printing or equipment buying.
* The coordination of the worldwide film teams is conducted in a digital way.
* Transportation to the filming areas organized by public transport, cargo-bike or car sharing.
* If something has to be printed, it is printed double sided and on recycled and recyclable paper.
* If possible, the power supply is made by renewable energies.
* For catering, we use only reusable cutlery and dishes, vegetarian and vegan food is preferred.
* Additionally required equipment is rented.
* All interviews are filmed outside, in nature, with available light, if possible.
* The fictional chamber play is filmed in an already equipped and used room.
* Additional props are second hand or already existing in a team member’s household.
* Necessary make-up and costumes for the fiction part are either personal or second-hand.
* Accommodation is not required as filming will be done on location.
* If it is, the accommodation is in apartments or eco-hotels with shared accomodation.
* Child care is provided on set.
* Cast and Crew are assembled with the highest possible diversity in mind.
* Fairness, respect, community and a spirit of equality, solidarity and teamwork reign, love rules!
* Once refinanced, the production company will reinvest a portion of the profits in environmental initiatives and further green projects.
In its core spirit of a holistic approach, the project is designed similarly to its topic of the climate activism movement: independent, global, green.
Not one air mile was flown, one-way material was avoided and the global film team worked together in full respect, artistic freedom and passion.

Global climate activism has again raised awareness of the urgent need for climate protection.
In order to achieve a turnaround in climate policy, everyone has to contribute in their own way. But often we feel powerless. This applies not only to nature conservation, but also to racism and violence.
To make these issues manageable, a healthy, colourful culture and society behind them is needed.
This film will inform us and show ways of dealing proactively. Within, we dare to take a more holistic view of the issue of climate crisis. Not only young and old activists will have their say, but also scientists and indigenous people who fought for a longtime and sometimes paid a high price.
We need an individual and social reappraisal of the current situation and a bridge across the gap between generations, individual impacts, political impotence and social fears. But above all we will need wisdom and peace and understanding and humanity.

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For us your support means that many are behind this topic, that the project is important and that we can all make a difference together! The wider the audience, the more understanding for each other, the more dialogue and inspiration, raising awareness and ideas for one’s own sphere of influence.