“Hejo, take me by the hand” (Fridays for Future in Berlin)

The FridaysForFuture have once again raised awareness that climate protection is urgently needed!
For a turnaround in climate policy to work, everyone must make its own contribution in its own way. But often we feel powerless. This applies not only to nature conservation but also to racism and violence.
This film will inform and hopefully inspire us to find our own way of proactive handling.
We need an individual and social processing of the current situation and a bridge across the gap between generations, individual effects and social fears.

This docudrama will broaden the horizon with facts in an entertaining way:
1) What needs to be done and how can we do it? What is currently being done in concrete terms? Which climate policy proposals and directions from science and research go to politics and society? How activists are engaged worldwide!
2) What impact the FridaysForFuture and other activists’ movements have on private life, how generations and cultures meet.
3) Information on national and international political handling of climate activism.

The film is intended for everyone, to be shown at schools, universities, festivals and cinemas. The wider the audience, the more understanding for each other, inspiration, awareness and ideas for what one can do in one’s own sphere of influence.
Shooting will start in September. We are filming on five continents and with collaborating film teams on site. This film is shot green.

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